Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Rep McDermott (D-WA): Paulson "able to catch a pass he threw to himself"

Rep McDermott gets it:

Mr Speaker,

The people in Washington State are very troubled by the fact that King George has been disposed of by King Henry.

We picked up Newsweek magazine today and we have a new King... King Henry?

We're supposed to give him 700 billion dollars of our money. He doesn't want any review. He wants to be able to do whatever he wants with it. He doesn't want any Congressional oversight. And worst of all, the new king is just like the old king: He doesn't want any sacrifice.

He says, "Oh we can't threaten the salares of the investment bankers who drove us into a ditch. We can't get anyone to pay for this."

This is the third time we've done it with this bunch. First the war, that didn't get paid for. Then the tax cuts, that didn't get paid for, and now King Henry takes over to distribute 700 billion dollars. He's going to be there for four months. And in four months he will make deals and then he'll go out and he'll be able to catch a pass he threw to himself.


Anonymous said...

It is not King Henry, it is Chairman Henry of the Wall Street Party and the new absolute ruler of the United Soviet States of America.

As the former ruler of Goldman Sachs, in 2006, at the climax of the WorldWide Housing Bubble, he sold his stake in Goldman Sachs tax free to become head of the U.S. Treasury and leader in the transformation of the World Free Markets to a new system of Socialism for the Rich and poverty for the rest of us.

We lost.

He hails over a bailout of the Western Monetary System. The Elephant in the Room of the Credit Default Swaps still is with us. But, Chairman Paulson, with absolute power holds the U.S. Government, and the World by the ‘short hairs’.

It will take many years to work through this and focus to get to a new system that benefits us all. I say focus because we have been led astray and are tempted by a ‘Rescuer’ much like the German people looked for after 1923.

We have over the last 40 years, pushed debt on future generations.

The bill has come due. It is time to recognize it and pay it.


Anonymous said...

But this is sneakier than Germany in the 1930's. More like Stalin and the Bolsheviks quietly and surreptitiously gaining absolute power. If this bill is passed, the power of money will never be regained from those taking it now in this audacious attempt. How this is not seen by other Senators is frightening : this is not a short-term money grab by a greedy few, but a well-planned takeover of American finance, for now and forever.

ken in the box said...

just a word of sincere appreciation, london banker, for your view, voice.

important for me and others to have some sane references during this process whose method is one of mass disorientation.

knowing that is so is not a comfort. preserving sense is. stay in the game. ken in the box

Anonymous said...

They are blinded by the glare of re-election...It's all in the timing...

Anonymous said...

The new "Sunday Night Football" ---that's where I'd stick my Bud Light ads