Tuesday, 18 January 2011


"Man is man because he is free to operate within the framework of his destiny. He is free to deliberate, to make decisions, and to choose between alternatives. He is distinguished from animals by his freedom to do evil or to do good and to walk the high road of beauty or tread the low road of ugly degeneracy."

Martin Luther King, Jr., The Measures of Man, 1959.

And this is from my son:


Anonymous said...

LB great to see you are back blogging

between the self destruction of Roubini's blog a year or two ago, Zero Hedge and a couple of others have been the only decent blogs out there great that you are back

Anonymous said...

"This process is evocation. You are responsible for your own research & life." pjb
lllllloyd and charlie.



Lloyd Blankfein Speaks (Part 1) - Bloomberg , part 2 at link.


"we want our money back". anon.?


Nouriel Roubini Interview on Economy


....... vicious/virtual- cycle/circle ............

"how do you break it?" unicorns and skittles, don't touch the fed.


Economics of Happiness: How to fix the broken system



The Silver Stealers:
An Initiative to Protect Private Property Rights of American Citizens (conclusion)
Charles Savoie

part 6 of 6.



overload and the surface has no scratches. they can talk and lie longer

than you can stay sane. me thinks.


dearieme said...

I've seen complaints on American blogs about the fuss made over King. Given that the previous hero of black liberation was John Brown, who was a terrorist, it seems rather odd to complain abut the non-terrorist King.

London Banker said...

@ Blindman and Dearieme,
It's always so heartening to see the blog posse from Roubini here.

@ Anon 11:01
Thanks. I'm still catching up with stuff I neglected during the 'flu but will post more soon.

Steve R. said...

Like your writing, and thought process, and look forward to more of your perspective.

mistah charley, ph.d. said...

Re John Brown:

In the 19th century, intellectuals and others admired him as a freedom fighter and a martyr, not a terrorist. He took up arms against slavery, yes - but slavery is daily violence, including murder, on a massive scale.

dearieme said...

Ah, Charley, just another fellow who's all for terrorism if it's in a cause he approves of. But all those causes are aproved of by someone.

OkieLawyer said...


It is somewhat accidental that I came back to your blog and saw that you are writing again. Let me belatedly say "welcome back!" and I will continue to check in. Tell Rich Hartmann to come back, too; as I saw you say that you keep in touch with him via e-mail.

PeterJB said...

Great to see everybody again and a special Hi to @Average Jane and @blindman.

FYI I recommend all dropping in on Steve Keen who is an Associate Professor at Western Sydney University, here in Australia. Steve is an academic but an Heretic when it comes to "Economic Theory" and can be found at http://www.debtdeflation.com - he is very refreshing indeed with his own generated charts (and video) to support his thesis.

At the present time the argument is about Australia's huge housing bubble and unaffordability, supported by yesterday's report release by Demographia: Not good.

I might add that Ireland is also interesting and the pressures mounting on all the Euro countries to maintain the now, bureaucratic wet-dream of the EU and EMU at any cost.

Should be a great and exciting year where I don't expect the US to last much after June 2011 at least, not by real influence.

Further, I am now convinced that the real 'economic theory' can only be established by attempting to determine 'Cui Bono', who is manipulating, where does the money flow and what is the ultimate objective of the FedRes, that is, if they have one - er, which I doubt.

The name of the game is: Total Moral Hazard, a priori.

Ho hum

Anonymous said...

Is this a class reunion???

Nice to see you at it LB!!!

I'll post something when I get a chance. ...or email you. (super busy)

Funny you brought up "accountability" I wrote an incomplete thought on it about 2 or 3 months ago. (tying Jul Assan to the US and how we handle him... "if you trample over laws and rights to "bring him to justice" then you have to be accountable for the means in which you do so. ...because you inherit a system where laws and rights no longer mean anything."

I still write... but no one gets to see it. I do it for myself. (Literally, I'd say I write nearly an article every other week, save it to my PC, and then never post it anywhere... because I don't feel like putting the time in to clean it up, edit it... or sometimes coordinate the discombolated rants into an article that would make sense.)

...I actually thought about posting them in a stagnant place like Seeking Alpha, and calling these unprofessional ramblings "Incomplete Thoughts - by RH/MA" ...but just haven't done so.


Anonymous said...

RH/MA, bless you for coming by too. I've missed your rantings.

PJB, apropos of your comment "cui bono," do you read Charles Hugh Smith's blog, "Of Two Minds"? He too writes about moral hazard and cui bono, indeed.

Guys, it is just so nice to see you again. I've been over at Zero Hedge for a while now (lurking only) but frankly the misogyny and overdone testosterone gets to me and I don't see nearly the level of intellectual discourse over there. Maybe we can get this going again with the guidance of our own beloved London Banker.


--Average Jane

PeterJB said...

Thanks Jane, for the 'oftwominds' link. I have put him in my Heretics Roll on Verbewarp so that I can easily drop in from time to time. Obviously, he has the right grasp on all things.

Hayes said...

Hopefully LB or a surrogate (e.g. MA/RH) will be in a position to put up a new article in the near future. I will return to my habit of posting interesting links etc.

Also for those not familiar with blogger settings, it is possible to post your "name" without signing in' just clik the Name/URL radio button put in whatever name and your are good to go

Hayes said...

Jim Grant coming up on Bloomberg TV in the 10am et hour - one of the very best commentators on the economy

Bloomberg TV (Windows Media)


Bloomberg TV (flash)

PeterJB said...

LB, with respect, I thought that I would paste my little post here for consideration of the old fellows:

The theme is a growing Global trend that actually I intend to follow up in more detail in due course:

It is called the 1st. Global Revolution:

From Zero Hedge:

I am amazed as to just how similar is our thinking and how fast things are now moving and accelerating.

Marc Faber says: "... not a group of thinkers in Davos, but a group of liars."

More Iceland Bankers arrested:
On the TV news I heard that the investigation was widened right into the Central Bank of Iceland.

Iceland's economy and socio-economy is doing exceptionally well since they resisted the advanced of the institutional broom pushers, and so much so, as they jail the guilty, which appear to be all Bankers, countries like Ireland will indeed take note of the advantages of the Rule of Law, applied to the wealthy and elite, while ignoring overtures and ddribble driven wet dreams of euro-crats, et al.

From Tunisia I heard that the Central Bank had admitted that 1.5 Tons (tonnes?) was missing from its vaults (which was reported to have followed the "dear-leader's" entourage and from

Cairo, some 50+ crates found (at the airport?) were being investigated and rumored as containing Gold Bullion. The Internet in Egypt has been shut down by Authorities. Said to be en-route to London:-)

My opinion has been since the Roubini days that we are experiencing a global "leadership" crisis (GLC)- brought about by a fatally flawed monetary, financial, fiscal, economic system system which is based on a 1. pseudo faith-based "economic-theory", 2. Usury, which has been known for circa 3 millennium to centralize and granulate production to the blessed few and 3. a banking system which breeds not only moral-hazard but the absolute corruption of the resultant developed, but eagerly willing, parasitic and sycophantic relationship of the banker and "leader"cabal.

The trend is now for a Global Revolution - the losers are the influential elites including primarily bankers, politicians, bureaucrats and their faithful while the winners will be, the youth of today, our Youth, ie, those, and their children, we expect to pay our bills.

Let us hope that the killings are kept to a minimum and the insane are kept far away from the WMD that they unfortunately control.

Ho hum

Anonymous said...

OK LB...

You motivated me enough to actually walk through some of my writings, and try to sew it up neatly into article form.

For those who check it out... Don't expect to make any money reading it. It's just the thoughts/rants of one individual who wants change.

here's the link:


All the best,
Miss America / Rich Hartmann

Average Jane said...

Excellent rant, MA. Accountability indeed [snort]. There just seems to be a nagging feeling of dread out there in the Middle Class. Something's askew in the world; I can feel it in my bones. We need truth tellers now more than ever, so keep up the good words and good works.

London Banker said...

Wow! Now that RH/MA is here in the comments I guess the pressure is really on to make this the sort of forum that keeps us all engaged and excited again.

I'm writing a piece now that will be up before the end of the week. There's so much going on that it's hard to choose topics, so maybe some shorter pieces too.

You all have no idea what your loyalty means to me. Cheers!