Thursday, 24 July 2008

RGE Refugees Welcome!

It seems that free access to Professor Nouriel Roubini's blog may soon be coming to an end as some regulars have received cryptic e-mails this week. I've set up this blogsite for refugees from the Professor's blog who want to carry on our dialogue over here. I'll be posting my weekly RGE blog here, and probably more informal content in the interim as I feel motivated.

Mostly I just want us to keep those in the sandbox playing happily together.

[UPDATE]: Professor Roubini commented over on my RGE blog as follows:

great you will have your own blog. I am not sure about the source of the rumor that my blog will soon be restricted to only paid users of RGE. That is utterly false; the blog is always free subject to free registration. But it is good you have your own forum. Many congrats. Nouriel
Written by Nouriel Roubini on 2008-07-25 15:39:46

So, no purge! Stop worrying! But come here to chat if you want anyway.


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1st! :D

Really appreciate your kindness for the prompt action providing a 'shelter' for the 'potential' RGE refugees. Hopefully, we don't need to really use it.

Best Regards,

PS: Sorry for re-posting. Not used to how to use this site.

Medic said...


Thanks for taking the initiative for starting this blog. If we do lose access to the RGE site (though it would seem they would be shooting themselves in the foot by doing so) I will live here.


Alessandro said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for providing a place for those of us who read Prof. Roubini's blog to continue to congregate in case the rumor is true. I have learned so much from you, LB, and others who comment on his blog that I'd really hate to lose that connection. (And today, with the latest gyration in the stock market as well as the WaMu rumors hitting, I want to keep my "connections" to others going!)

Rich H said...

can we stray off topic???

Rich H
aka Your friendly neighborhood Miss America

p.s. NR is a terrorist blog leader... leaving his refugees scattered along the information superhighway. Thanks for picking up us hitch hikers!

shahril said...

Thanks LB for the nice place to hangout,
need all the info we can get

kilgores said...

For London Banker:

A few months back on Dr. Roubini's blog, you very kindly and patiently directed me to information about Irving Fisher and his theory of debt deflation as a cause of the severity and depth of the economic downturn we know as the Great Depression. I'd be interested in hearing your opinion regarding the following article:

In your view, is an outbreak of severe debt deflation probable now, and would it likely lead to economic dislocation on the order of the Great Depression of the 1930s? Would you say you're in the "gloom and doom" camp, or do you share Dr. Roubini's "optimistic" view that the recession will be over by the end of the second quarter of next year?


wishbone said...

Thanks L.B. More to say later.

Wild Bill

wishbone said...


London Banker said...

@ Rich H/Miss America
We can stray off topic, but I may chide us back to the channel if we attrack I/P trolls over here. That crowd scares me.

@ Kilgores
I'll answer your question in a further post. I think Fisher is going to be redeemed big time in retropect of the coming crash. He deserves a post all to himself - perhaps next Friday.

@ All
I'm delighted to see so many old friends here. I'd be devastated to lose touch when we've got such an amazing blog community. I've no idea whether the feared purge on RGE is real or not, but this is my fallback plan. Thanks for coming along!

Senna said...

This is WAY better than the Astrodome. Now where's the samwiches?

Lou said...

Hello LB,
Thank you for sharing your thoughts and observations over here.
I used to scan RGB's site looking for your posts for a less doctrinaire view of economic matters.
I thought you had been co-opted when your writings were shunted over to 'Finances & Markets', although it is a feather in your cap to be accepted into such august company, I suppose.
I like this solution.
I value and learn from your posts.
Ongoing Thanks,
a.k.a.: A Not Her Anonymous

aleister perdurabo said...

Sally said...

A windfall ... not only your RGE comments, and 'column' but now a blog. I too used to scroll through RGE comments to find yours.
Thank you!